RPCVLA Care Package Project to Send Cheer and Chocolate to Currently Serving Volunteers

Care Package ProjectRPCVLA has embarked on a new project to send a little love to currently-serving volunteers around the globe.  The RPCVLA Package Project aims to send a well-timed package to PCVs who may be at a frustrating point in their service, or perhaps are simply struggling with a serious craving for peanut butter cups, Cheez-its, or an American gossip magazine.  These packages will not necessarily be delivered during the holidays, but rather will be sent to PCVs during a time when they need some cheer.  We have already received several responses to a survey we sent out to currently-serving volunteers.  While the exact requests varied, the response was unanimously positive: they would all love to get a package!

Instead of the usual gift exchange at our holiday party this year (December 8- see our news story above), we are requesting items that will be placed into these care packages to help current PCVs.  We hope that these packages will both connect us to volunteers as well as provide them with a morale boost.

Suggested items to bring are:

  • Letters!-Each volunteer will sign up to participate and would love to be in contact with an RPCV
  • Magazines or articles- anything you find interesting
  • Candy- Top requests are for dark chocolate, Sour Patch Kids, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and candy corn
  • Spices, spice packages, or sauces- hot sauce, taco, chili, alfredo, etc.
  • American snacks- Dried fruit, Cheez-its, Gardetto’s snack mix, Cheetos, flaming hot Cheetos, etc.
  • For our tech savvy individuals: a thumb drive or dvd with new media- movies, music, etc.
  • Anything else you would have enjoyed that will fit into a large envelope!

We are also asking that those who are able please donate towards shipping expenses.  For ~$20 we can connect to volunteers on a new level and keep in contact with our fellow Angelinos.

If you know a current PCV who is from the LA area, please have them fill out this PCV Care Package Project survey to be put on our package recipient list!


  1. Ashley Quarles says:

    Im a current PCV in Ethiopia :D
    Im from LA and so a friend gave me the link to your website and I must say that this is just amazing! <3

    Thanks for all the support you offer volunteers worldwide. I know when Im done with my service I fully intend to join this RPCVLA group!

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