NPCA’s Kevin Quigley and Anne Baker Reflect on the History and Discuss the Future of Peace Corps at 2012 International Dinner

NPCA President Kevin Quigley

This year’s presidential candidates may have limited their stops in California to high-donor fundraisers, but NPCA President Kevin Quigley made sure to visit the Los Angeles area as he said farewell to NPCA.  On September 29, 2012, RPCVLA members from across the Los Angeles area had the privilege to meet with outgoing NPCA President Kevin Quigley and Vice President Anne Baker at the RPCVLA’s Annual International Dinner.  Quigley made the Los Angeles Peace Corps Expo and RPCVLA dinner his final event of his presidency before assuming his new job as Peace Corps Country Director of Thailand, where he completed his Peace Corps service.  After enjoying dinner, dessert, and sharing Peace Corps stories with each other, RPCVLA members listened to Quigley’s thoughts on the future of Peace Corps.

Quigley predicts that Peace Corps will have an important role to play in the future, but will look different than it does now.  Among the changes, Quigley predicts that there will be more private-public partnerships, a more flexible time commitment for the volunteer (perhaps not always serving a strict two-year term), and more exchanges with other countries and international collaboration.

RPCVs also had the privilege of hearing NPCA Vice President (and now Acting President) Anne Baker and Peace Corps Western Regional Director Janet Allen share their thoughts on the Peace Corps with our group.

RPCVLA wishes Kevin Quigley all the best on his next adventure, and looks forward to connecting with more RPCVs at events throughout the year!

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