July 2005 TGIF

May 2005 TGIS

March 2005 Pub Crawl

March 2005 TGIF

Local Hero of 2005: John Outterbridge

John Outterbridge

John Outterbridge: Director of the Watts Towers Arts Center from 1975 to 1990, John started the annual Day of the Drum Festival and the annual Simon Rodia Jazz Festival. He continues to be deeply involved in the Los Angeles arts community, supporting emerging and established community-based artists, while exhibiting his sculptures in local galleries and […]

2005 April Rebuilding

2005 LA River Cleanup

Local Heroes of 2004: Lee Brainerd & Sonali Kolhatkar

Lee Brainerd

Lee Brainerd: RPCV (Senegal, ’72-’74), Lee was a Peace Corps recruiter for 6 years, also teaching ESL to “boat people” in Boston & New York, and later U.S. Civics to amnesty seekers in L.A. She has written or co-written over 40 textbooks and test-prep books. Lee was active in the California home schooling movement, authoring […]


Local Heroes of 2003: Sharon Stricker & Amanda Wash

Sharon Stricker

Sharon Stricker: Executive Director of LACER, a non-profit organization which runs arts and literacy based after school programs in LAUSD middle schools. Amanda Wash: Founder of AFACT (A Foundation of African Children Today) a community based organization that provides support for famine and AIDS stricken children in Africa.